What is the purpose of the digital signage benchmark?

It is an easy to use repository for a series of tests covering various desirable capabilities of a digital signage platform.

Are the tests rigged?

The tests are primarily based on open and unbiased industry standard test patterns.   

Should I panic if my signage player fails a test?

No, now you know what your player can and can not do, just buyer beware.

How do I use the benchmark?

You can browse around the test and check out results page OR you can run the tests yourself on any web capable platform.

How do I submit my test results?

Email the complete test page to info@DigitalSignageBenchmark.com

What happens to my test results once they are sent in?

The tests are received by a site moderator, if they are accurate and replicable they will be added to the site.

Are my test results confidential?

The Digital Signage Benchmark is a publicly available resource offered at no cost for use by any interested party.  Reviewers must agree that any submitted results are TO BE CONSIDERED PUBLIC DOMAIN at the time of submission.  Reviewers and their results will be posted anonymously.
Once you have submitted your test results to info@DigitalSignageBenchmark.com at the site moderator’s sole discretion may be posted and made publicly viewable.  As a reviewer you agree to allow the site to freely post any submitted test results.

Who created this benchmark?

The digital signage benchmark was created by BrightSign LLC in conjunction with the help of various leading thought leaders in the digital signage industry.