Test Introduction

Important Considerations of the Benchmark Tests

Be sure to use a display with the same resolution as the test. Use a 1920x1080p60 display for the HD tests and a 3840x2160p60 display for the 4K tests. Turn off all optional signal processing features that will obscure the test results of the signage player [i.e.  use 1:1 pixel mapping, turn off scaling, image enhancement, noise reduction].

Second, take a look at the digital signage hardware specifications. This is the first category for consideration on the scorecard. Is it commercial grade rated to perform reliably for years of 24/7 operation? Is it a consumer system rated for 16/7 operation? 


Get Started

  1. Download and print out The Score Card: [ PDF ] or [ Word ]
  2. Set up your devices to be tested (Click here for more info)
  3. Start Testing
  4. Submit your results here



The Digital Signage Benchmark is a publicly available resource, offered at no cost, for use by any interested party.  Reviewers must agree that any submitted results are TO BE CONSIDERED PUBLIC DOMAIN at the time of submission.  Reviewers and their results will be validated for accuracy and will be posted anonymously.