Test Introduction

Important Considerations of the Benchmark Tests

First, this is an HD resolution test. Be sure to use a display with a native resolution of 1920x1080p/60 and turn off all optional signal processing features that will obscure the test results of the signage player [i.e.  use 1:1 pixel mapping, turn off scaling, image enhancement, noise reduction].

Second, take a look at the digital signage hardware specifications. This is the first category for consideration on the scorecard. Is it commercial grade rated to perform reliably for years of 24/7 operation? Is it a consumer system rated for 16/7 operation? 


Get Started

  1. Download and print out The Score Card: [ PDF ] or [ Word ]
  2. Set up your devices to be tested (Click here for more info)
  3. Start Testing
  4. Submit your results here